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Glen Affric

Hello and Welcome to the Affric Project and the LIVE IT club.

My name is Louise Hodgson and about ten years ago I realised that my life was not all that it could be so I decided to find out how to truly live happily ever after in the real world. It has been a fantastic roller coaster ride of emotions and adventures none of which I could have believed if you had asked me at the start. But here I am ten years on and indeed among many other things that I have discovered about myself and the world I have indeed discovered the secret of living happily in the real world no matter what. Now life is a wonderful challenge and an adventure to make myself and the world better whenever and whereever I can because I can for the joy of doing it.

I am looking for other people who are or would  like to do the same so that we can share ideas and experiences and support each other to explore what is really possible when people truly share common purpose and have a firm intention to provide rock solid support for each other from the start and into the future. At the same time we will be doing projects that support the idea of understanding our true situation and making it better for ourselves and others. In other words helping each other turning dreams into reality. By combineing ideas we will be able to make them better and together we will be able to make them happen in practice easier than alone.

The Affric Project

The Affric is my house and has so far not only helped me enormously on my quest for happiness but at the same time has provided practical and emotional support for quite a few other people, as well as providing a lot of  insight into life the universe and how the system doesn't seem to work.  The Affric is an old ninteen bedroom hotel in one of Scotlands most beautiful Highland Glens and as it is a project that needs to be started again it provides a blank canvas and heeps of potential for people to get together to create groups with shared purpose and develop with whatever else we chose ideas for making old buildings more energy efficient.

So now I am LIVING IT and as well as developing myself further I am using the house to explore ideas for making things better and putting them into practice. So far I have recycled a power station conveyerbelt to make a long lasting flat roof, created rain water traps, learnt to make my own biodiesil and generally challenged myself to self reliance. Glen Affric is a wonderful place where you can really feel something special and it is best appreciatede by people who have a long term conection. As this is a very small place I was thinking how could more people be part of it and as I really  would really love to share this experience with other people who share my dream of creating quality, sustainable lives for themselves and others I have come up with the idea for the LIVE IT club.

The Live IT club.

Coming very soon. Watch this space.

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hello welcome  to the Affric Project

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Glen Affric Hotel, Cannich, Beauly, Inverness, IV4 7LW
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